Get the benefits of a better well-being: 

How we are different?

Employee engagement companies measure the correlation between workplace metrics such as these:

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Employees ability to do work

  • Alignment with culture


And employee happiness.  But happiness starts within one’s mind.  You can measure all you want, but you need the employee to be mentally healthy first.  We help with that. 

We are the step before your employee engagement roll-out can work. 

Innovation with a purpose 

Our technology is for both the leader and the employee's benefit.

We created this technology to give you a better way to live a healthier, more productive life. So, when we say we’re dedicated to creating smarter sensors, intuitive interactions and engaging features, it’s because we’re dedicated to your success and happiness.

Tech to guide you to find balance, and maintain your ideal stress level:
Read/Watch/Listen to videos from health and wellness experts. 

We help improve the individual, so the entire team wins:

 1. Self-help

2. Team help

3. Organizational guidance

Weekly reports to:

 1. Locate stress points

2. Suggest solutions

3. Measure successes and participation 

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